Things to do while you wait for 3.1

Or rather, things I’ve been doing.

  1. Sell a house.  Done and done.
  2. And since I have that cash in hand: buy a car.  Oh man, I want this little VW bus so badly!  It’s a little pricey, though, and frankly I’m just not sure I’d really use it.  I mean, if you had an awesome car like this, you’d just keep it in a garage, right?  (And recall, I no longer have a garage in which to store this sweet sweet treasure.) I would be like “oh, no.  We can’t go camping in it: we’ll get it all dirty!  It might rain! Don’t put your feet on the seats!”  I’ve been longing for this guy since around November, though, so maybe since it’s still for sale it means I should get it… With the money I’m saving by not having a mortgage anymore, I could make the cost of the car up before the year is over.  Hmm…
  3. Buy a house.  Ok, I’m super torn here.  Do I need a house?  No, no more than I “need” the car above.  I live with friends.  They’re great.  It’s a super nice part of town, and only 2 miles from work.  It’s low rent, and I raid their fridge (food and beer fridges alike) anytime I want.  But to have my own little patch of ground again… something about that is so alluring!  Here’s what I’m mulling over:
    Bungalow Pool house Yard house
    1937 Bungalow to save from tear-down
    Own a little bit of true “keep Austin weird”ness
    Close to a fun area of town
    Dreams of ironic picket fencing
    Near an awesome super market
    Hippie area is more me than the ‘burbs
    Location near friends’ home
    Near work
    Near rest of my normal stuff
    On-street parking is ok
    Best neighborhood of the 3
    Back yard like I dreamed about as a kid
    Nice back deck for parties
    On-street parking is ok
    Location near work and rest of life
    Plenty to upgrade on house, but can move in
    Biggest patch of land of the 3
    Neighborhood pool and park very nearby
    Top of my price range.
    Way expensive taxes (2x any other home I’ve seen)
    House is trashed
    Condo neighbors likely to not be my type o’ folks
    Very little parking for parties
    Lots of busy roads and big buildings
    Top of my price range
    Pool means maintenence
    Smaller yard area to play with
    Decking will need maintenance and work
    Hills in either direction to work
    House is ok, but not fab
    Neighborhood is meh

    Hm.  I’ve clearly thought the most about the bungalow, although its pros and cons balance out.  The pool house has more pros than cons, as does the yard house.  However, I know more about the yard house because I actually looked at it, where the pool house is still an on-paper thing only.

  4. Create a biking LED shirt/jacket, like on Instructables.
  5. So with all that decision-making to occupy my mind, I’ll probably just design a hat based on a popular video game.  This is not a lie.

    from Hewmasters photo stream

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