Can JoCo write a song that JoCo can’t sing?

Evidently! I saw JoCo at Antone’s last night, where Paul and Storm tantalizingly told us the name of JoCo’s winning Song Fu entry, but which he refused to play, citing impossibility to do so. The concert is during SXSW, but it wasn’t officially a SXSW venue. Semantics, I know.  But sadly, the third tan-sharpei-yelling musketeer was over at the Web Awards, pumpin out packets to the interwebs.  We poured out a Shiner for ya.  Well, down our throats, anyway.

It was a good show as always, and Paul and Storm were sah-led. However, since learning last night that they were in Da Vinci’s Notebook, I can’t get “Enormous Penis” out of my head, and that’s totally (for once) not a euphamism nor dirty in any way.  Pandora to the rescue!

But the crowd annoyed me. Don’t get me wrong: nerds be mah peeps. But this was a way more heckley/demanding crowd than I’ve ever seen. Some people seemed to carry on conversations with the stage (I’m looking your way, spidey-skirt girl).  Maybe being such a web 2.0-associated performer is part of the issue.  JoCo gained popularity based on interaction from his fans.  Paul and Storm encourage participation.  And JoCo gets us all into singing zombie mode, no sweat.  But some of the things folks yelled out were just too conversational.  Questions, song demands after he said he’d already-decided-what-he-was-playing-thank-you-very-much, directions to the turnpike, what they had for lunch…  I mean, it’s gotta be hard: you can acknowledge your audience and give them what they want, chipping away part of your own enjoyment (and soul, I’d imagine), or you can ignore them and risk seeming like a douche (he didn’t).

I dunno, I just felt kinda bad for him, having to explain that he wasn’t doing First of May. (I still have my barbaric yawp “tan sharpei” to bellow forth. You shouldn’t bottle that kind of shit up! Yet I persevere.) I was glad he closed on a less-popular song, which seemed to be one he wanted to play rather than what any one person wanted to hear. Good for you, JoCo!  Those of us who knew the material walked away happy (and got to hear a new song about a sad little vampire), and those of my friends who were new to it walked away happily as well.  Win-win.  My only regret is not twittering my request to him earlier that day: Baby got Back, ftw.  (Storm, it’s pronounced “fuh-tuh-wuh”, bee tee dub.)

As a side note, I sold my buddy zombie-bait/murloc hat-model Britt out once more. First at the Cactus when his phone rang and Paul and Storm took his phone onstage to call Britt’s mom back. [He got a fun Top Gun VHS out of it (and more, everytime any of us spot one at a Goodwill).] This time he earned his prize by being the only one to know P&S were in Da Vinci’s Notebook.  I believe it was Storm that asked if Britt had ever gotten a prize, and I happily answered. River-sell, part two.  But hey, Britt has a shiny new moonpie and some (slight) nerd cred for being able to catch it when it was thrown.

Long story short (too late), it was a good show on the part of the musicians. JoCo sounded like he might be nursing a bit of a cold, though. Maybe he just needs a murloc hat to keep him warm?

Oh, as another sidenote, the bathroom line was very similar to that at Blizzcon (because of course the makeup of the audience was way similar): lines for the men’s room, none for the ladies’ room.  Ha!  Long live the outnumbered bewbs!  ( . )( . )


5 thoughts on “Can JoCo write a song that JoCo can’t sing?

  1. ur funny and great. I wish i knew you in game or in real life *rubsGenieLamp*
    anyway… i play a druid healer on zul’jin (horde) and a hunter (we all have one of those right?) and an abandonned alliance warlock who i wish i could make a horde (how i found you).
    anyway, i’ll just go back to my wishing corner (all wishes should be made in corners so that you can feel bad and guilty for making wishes?) and let you go. altho it’d be oh so fantastic to hear from you 🙂

  2. I was about ready to choke the shit out of the kid that was next to me. Or his father for not keeping him under control and/or bringing him to a nightclub concert.

    Still, a good time was had.

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