Tetris glass necklace, Etsy, and ArtFire

urban-fusions-tetris-11Waaaaaaaaaaant!  Wanty wanty waaannnt!!

From Urban Fusions (Etsy shop) as seen on INDIE LOVE.

Hey, speaking of Etsy, heard of ArtFire?  I’m considering setting up an Etsy-like shop, but have heard some great things comparing ArtFire to Etsy.  Hmmm.

Crafynation compares them here, and I read another blog entry from U-Handbag (love yer stuff, if only I was a purse grrl!) comparing ArtFire very favorably.  Sharon B, who has inspired me forevers, also likes ArtFire! I haven’t ever used Etsy other than to 1) drool over delicious things like this Tetris bracelet and a few other things, mainly druidy-type jewelry; 2) play with the color palatte mixer thing on Etsy; or 3) think idly about selling Horde necklaces and Murloc hats, but then get confused at the commissions stuff and run away to hide.

Warning: caffeine-induce ramble ahead:

[After 10 oz] And speaking of not-carrying purses, check out this little splurge I picked up over the weekend when I girlified myself up and *gasp* went shopping.  Yes, indeedy, my girl roommate and I shopped up a storm, rifling through racks and racks of sale bras and undies (which, let’s face it, I simply can’t do with my gamer guy friends.  Sorry, boys), turned over every purse and pocketbook we could find, then dove into the clearance racks emerging with skorts!  All hail the skorts.  All hail the looks-like-a-skirt-but-i-don’t-forget-and-flash-everyone skort!

[After 20 oz] Anyway, this little green guy (easy to do, it is) is about a quad-fold, snaps (wish it had a magnet but oh well, better than velcro), has *singsong* a-DOR-ablllllle floral print fabric inside, zipper coin purse outside, zipper inside to keep all my billzzzz in order (sidenote, I so rarely carry cash, I typically stuff it into a pocket in my jeans, then get happy surprises when I wash clothes.  Now, I get the happy surprise when I unzip the bill pocket!), and about a billion little slips for credit cards and such.  Oh, and a little slot for, I guess, more dollar bills.  I just put receipts in there.  I can’t seem to let them go… Then behind one of the flipply little folds that has a boatload of slips, there’s a little hidden pocket that is sized PERFECTLY for an iPhone.  Yes, that’s right.  I have found the perfect wallet for me.  I got my money with my iPhone and my iPhone with my money.  Annyway, I think the afternoon caffeine has kicked in (no, really?) So I should probably stop now…

[After 24 oz] Oh, more thing: I spent forever deciding between this and a little billfold-like wallet that had a long strap.  While being able to toss a “purse” over my shoulder had its own merits, I also like being able to stuff things into my back pockets (quiet, you).  This thing mostly fits in a pocket, and ever since the great bend-until-it-almost broke incident with my credit card, I’ve been taking stuff out of my pockets before I sit down.  In fact, my buddy who supports iPhones at Apple was agog that I “sat” on my iPhone so much.  Come to think of it, I guess forcing a flat brittle object onto a curved form isn’t the best idea after all…  Yes, this wallet and I will go far…


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