This is your garden today

Seeded (a couple weeks ago now): cherry tomatoes, bell and hot pepper mixes, beets, and potatoes.  The potatoes are already up!

Seeded today, in the may-the-best-squash-win bed: acorn and spaghetti squash, pumpkin, watermelon, and corn.  In the front welcome-home beds: lemon and lime basils, coreposis, zinnia, butterfly weed (asclepia), viola,   blackeyed susans (rudbeckia hirta, bitter lol), marigold, and flax!!  I’ve never had good luck with most of that here in Texas (flax, pumpkins, and potatoes), but it’s so much fun to try.

Planted today: lavender, basil (including lemon), strawberries, dill, mints, zucchini (in the squash bed), (in the salsa bed:) jalepeno, mucho nacho peppers, sweet banana peppers, serano, habenero, ancho, tabasco pepper, beefsteak tomato, grape tomato, some mid-sized tomato, red onion, and (over in the P bed:) more peas.  Stupid bunnies lopped off the tops of all my other ones (pun bitterly intended).

We also mended the netting around the garden and sprayed a delicious suck-it dear concoction.  I’ll grab some ground pepper and cayenne to crop dust for the bunnies tonight.  Fuckers.  Oh, and we recycled some CDs by hanging them from the netting.  Hopefully it’ll scare the deer a bit.  My roommate hung them up with some suture supplies she had saved from the trash last weekend.  (Unused, I assure you.)


Edit, 3-12: No bunny or deer activity yet.  Rained like crazy the last 2 days.  Re-egging tonight.


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