Gold star stickers

…or “what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks.”

First, this has honestly been the only reason I’ve logged on lately.  I’ve just felt so bleh about WoW.  I’ve also not had the heart to knit lately, so there go two hobbies for now. I just love getting new titles.  “Grunt” always bugged me.  throughdivorceI wish I could get knitting titles.  Knitting merit badges seemed cool for a while, then half the world had them.  Sort of lost their shine for me a bit then.  I think maybe the badge here, “Knitting got me through my divorce” hit just a little too close to home for me and might’ve pissed me off without me fully realizing it.  However, I still daydream a little about making badges for my friends for keggers, pub crawls, surviving the night against all odds… you get the idea.

But for now, I’ve really enjoyed the world events Blizzard puts on in-game. When I very first started playing it was during the Lunar Festival, and I got to go to every capital city for free.  Super fun.  So this year I ponied up and got all the achievements under my belt for both the Lunar Fest and Love is in the Air.  I figure I’ll stay on for those, for now.  I enjoy them.  🙂




This one is my favorite:  To all the squirrels I’ve loved before.  Someday, I’ll do the companion achievement, To all the squirrels who’ve shared my life. Neither come with a title.  😦



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