Conservationists sucked into Hellgate, disappear

First of all, I love my ironically-classified “conservative” family.  However, my MIL yelled out “This is brainwashing!” during Wall-E.  *Facepalm* So, if you don’t agree that we should maybe consume less and throw away a little less, please do not read on.

But, if you do agree that maybe extra wrappers, disposable items, and overconsumption might have something to do with a negative effect on the environment, please consider this:

The schoolboard in the town of—no lie—Hellgate, Montana have banned the use of an animated story about consumption and its effect on the environment and the people who live in that environment:  us!!

I blogged before about Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff, a well-told description of natural resouces moving from their origins through the cycle of creation and manufacture, and eventually to disposal.  In it, she hits on cultural as well as environmental impacts of the way we, the world at large, do basic business with our “stuff”.

Now a high school is banning the use of this 20-minute short in their biology classes.  They say it’s controversial and that the teacher did not supply enough balance.  Suffice to say, this is the result of too many people misunderstanding the “green” movement.  Although, many fellow tree-huggers are over-the-top self-righteous and condescending, it doesn’t change the underlying beliefs we uphold: reduce consumption and waste, reuse more, recycle more.

Anyway, if you think the Story of Stuff should be seen more, please spread the word.  Feel free to respond to the school board that banned it, too.  From Annie Leonard’s site:

“Email the school board at and send a copy to the local newspaper, the Missoulian, at”

P.S.  Is that high school REALLY located in the town of Hellgate?  Yikes.


2 thoughts on “Conservationists sucked into Hellgate, disappear

  1. Well, the video comes off as a bit extreme so I can understand why it was banned. However, the banning was also a bit extreme. I think people should watch it in the hope that they might start thinking for themselves when it comes to consumerism but I also have a pretty impressive lack of faith in humanity.

  2. As an active duty service member, I took great offense at the movie’s jabs at the military. We do “take care of” you. All of you. If it was not for american companies, most of the efforts to *fix* the problems outlined in the movie would never get off the ground.

    For the record, the U.S. Army celebrated Earth Day in 2008. We *have* to recycle.

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