Raiding on my own two feet

levine2001For Christmas I got the beginnings of my own walking desk.  I’m psyched about this.  Soon, the desk-guts, treadmill, and a whole bunch of my other junk will be delivered to my snug little quarters.  It’ll be neat to play WoW and walk at the same time.  Or heck, anytime I’m on my computer I could walk.  That’s the point.  🙂

I am also excited about the trappings that will need to accompany the treadmill desk.  First, I won’t be able to stare downward at my MacBook Pro screen.  I mean, I can for a bit, but not long term.  At some point I’ll have to have an actual monitor, perhaps arm-mounted to the wall.  That makes me happy to think about.  Ideally, it’d be a large enough monitor that I could also watch it from my futon-couch, and gosh, it’d be great to have that sucker be able to run actual TV channels through it!  Ok, ok, that’s way down the road.  For now: computering only.  Stay on target.

I’ve actually attempted to mouse-while-walking and it was none too easy.  Forget straight away about continuing use of the trackpad!  I think I’ll need to get a mouse or something that works while stationary.  Actually, I think the X-13 would work just fine for WoW, but I’m not sure it would work for day-to-day mousing.  I was thinking more about something with a thumb-ball for mouse movement.  I’m not really sold on anything yet, though.

So I’ve got mousing and seeing covered.  I think transitioning to this new setup would be a good opportunity for me to try some new mods, too.  *gasp*  I know.  I hate mods.  I run vanilla unless there is something the raid leader requires.  So far that’s only been Deadly Boss Mods and Omen.  I use ItemRack for my own sanity.  But that’s it.

For most of the fights in Naxx, though, I turn off DBM.  It seems to cover up vital real estate and I REALLY don’t have the patience to find out where to move this timer or that.  I also don’t like the new animated timers; noticed how they move higher or lower in the stacks, or float into the middle of the screen?  Yeah, I see you, timer.  I don’t need other distractions right now.  Also, covering up my feet isn’t cool when I’m watching for void zones.  No thanks, DBM.

Anyway, I was thinking of finally taking the plunge and installing Grid.  Maybe I’ve been too stubborn.  Maybe there’s some sort of stupid pride that’s held me back from greatness, thinking I can play the game as designed or not at all.  (Right.)  Well, the times, they are a-changin’.  I’m more annoyed with not topping the charts (being competitive sucks sometimes) and would rather just install the damned mod and see what I can do.  Also, I read this great post at Tree Bark Jacket outlining some of the more fun features when it comes to HoT timers.  Obviously, I can keep my HoTs stacked and ticking on one target, no problem.  But if I’m raid-healing, it makes rolling the HoTs a bit more of a challenge.  Anyway, maybe it’s not as evil as I first thought. Maybe TBJ can convince me add-ons are ok.

Then combine Grid with the X-13… Might be really fun and a whole new challenge!  Then add in walking… Yeah.  I think this’ll be fun!

Beyond that, I will need to keep the rest of my stuff organized.  I started collecting little cast-off bits from my mom and found a really cute creamer I plan to put coins as well as knitting needles in.  That works pretty well.  Then I’ve got this wine rack my roommates weren’t using, which works well to squirrel away a few balls of yarn, presumably for my current and next projects.  So far, it just mocks me while I do other projects.

Ultimately, I can’t imagine my current set up with a treadmill crammed into it.  The good news is that it folds up.  Not sure how it’ll fold with a walking desk over it, but we’ll see.  I’ve also heard tale of a soon-to-be cast-off futon.  I’m a fan of futons.  I don’t recall if this one folds up into a couch-like shape, but don’t they all?  Well, if it does, I’ll have enough room for couch-futon and tread-desk.  Then fold up the treadmill and unfold the bed.

Sounds kinda space-age in that living-in-an-RV kind of discomfort.  Oh well.  Downsizing from a 4-bed house has its own challenges, and hopefully soon I won’t have the additional challenge of its cost to boot!  Heh, and to think I considered selling everything and riding around in a VW bus.  Significantly smaller still.


3 thoughts on “Raiding on my own two feet

  1. I do not think I could walk while I raided, but I can sing the praises of Grid. *sings* Seriously Grid is the best thing since sliced bread.

    And yes, the futon does fold up. It’s a little awkward to do it with just two hands but it can be done. Still not sure if we will be looking to pass it on, but will let you know soon. It depends if we go for the apartment with the awesome kitchen (my choice) or the apartment with the extra computer/study areas (his choice). 🙂

  2. @Seri no worries on the futon. If you ditch it, you ditch it; if you don’t, you don’t. I just like to daydream. It’s not important to me if the daydream comes to fruition in full or part. Besides, I still haven’t actually seen the guts of the walking desk, either, and that was a Christmas gift! lol

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