Sartharion lava waves

I just read this great post about healing Sartharion (in the Obsidian Sanctum) at Tree Bark Jacket.  I just wanted to add some screenshots I took tonight, which might help clear up what the waves look like and why you have to move, etc.  Something else, we don’t call out on vent where the waves are coming from anymore: we just say they’re coming and leave it up to the raid to see where.  It’s too hard to remember if it’s the tank’s right, dragon’s right, raid’s right or where north or south is.  So instead, I face one direction or the other.  When I see the raid warning that the lava begins to churn, I take note of the lava in front of me:  if it has a huge wave forming, I know it’s coming from that way.  If I don’t see it, I turn around and hey!  There’s the wave.  I typically stand in the right place to be in the gap of the wave that will form closest to me.  That is, if I’m positioned closer to one bank of the island, I’ll have my back to that bank and be in position for the wave from that direction.  This way, I’m never taken by surprise.




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