Obligatory January goals post

I realized I was super downer on myself for NOT doing some things in December.  Eff that.  I was busy.  I’ve also got crazy stupid things going on in my personal and work lives, so…. I’m giving myself a bye on this one.  And anyway, I’ve done tons in 2008, see?

Wow. I made a lot of hats.

I’ll also remind myself that those crazy stupid things going on mean in the months to come, I won’t have happy fun cash for yarns and movies and stuff, so hooray: I just netted myself some no-pay entertainment.

In January:

Publish the Murloc hat pattern
Finish at least one pair of socks
Finish 3 hats (hat trick!  love that classification, just like Miss Lolly.)
Start another blog

Following in 2009:

One sweater
One pair of mittens
Guild family tree
Epic items achievement
Weapon skills to 400 achievement (including Knuckle Sandwich)
Read 3 books on some list.  I pick this one.
Travel out of the country


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