Microsoft Songsmith ad renders me unfit to work

Man, this just can’t be held in.  I’m actually unable to do anything else but watch this ad over and over in abject disbelief.  Is this for real?  It can’t be.  Please tell me it isn’t.

Microsoft’s “Songsmith” ad.  It’s soooooo bad.  Watch in incredulous shock for:

  1. horrible acting
  2. a poorly disguised MacBook Pro
  3. insipid and utterly unnatural dialogue and “lyrics”
  4. the “musician” who turns to songsmith to spice up his stale music.  He must REALLY suck.
  5. the rather appropriate look of horror and disbelief on Chip’s face as Miles sings
  6. Miles’s body singing in the style of Joe Cocker
  7. which word did you think was coming up at the end of “did the bosses like your aaaaaaa___?”

Ed. note: I still firmly believe this is a fake, so I went to Microsoft’s site and searched “songsmith.”  It’s there.  It’s real.  Oh god.

Further note: maybe they’re trying to have the WORST ad possible, so we’ll all spread it around and laugh.  I mean, it works.  I’m certainly never going to unknow that product, although —believe me— I will try very hard to do so.

OH GOD: there are more.  Science is cool and These cups of coffee.  Oh. My. God.  Someone must stop this thing.

Yet another edit: This makes it more palatable.  EVERYTHING is better with what? That’s right, more cowbell.


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