Things I utterly failed to do over the holidays

Sigh.  Well, number one:  just about everything on my handy dandy little calendar.  No socks, no Wisteria, no Flore hat.  I haven’t even seen the remaining days of Christmas.  I didn’t organize my starred items on Google Reader, didn’t start up a new blog for greeny things, didn’t catch up my other blog dedicated to a friend far flung in this world. I didn’t exercise.  I didn’t get lots of sleep.  I didn’t gear up in WoW.  I didn’t organize my clutter or make a resolution for the new year.

I pretty much just finished what I had to, went to bed whenever, watched my work email incessantly for a hot item that never came through, and organized the 12 days of Christmas gifts for the girls.  I got to see days 1-7, which I then failed to continue blogging about.

And now, work begins tomorrow.  Joy.  Think I’ll go take a nap.


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