On the sixth and seventh days of christmas…

Things began to break down. We wanted to take the girls to Egypt, so made a major stretch to six geese laying –> eggs –> alligators? Nile? Eh, forget it. We just went to Egypt on day 6. Why? We had a bitchin book of ancient games we thought they’d like. We had already given them the Prince of Egypt DVD one year, so we happened to find the soundtrack at goodwill. Actually, we found THREE soundtracks. Crazy.

Anyway, we wrapped it all in brown paper and the boy free-handed some hierglyphs and I lamely drew six eggs to visibly tag the gift for the 6th day.

Day 7 we chose Japan, and decided to do origami. The smaller girls are too young he to get into folding, themselves. We had an awesome idea to make mobiles with the cranes but at the last minute ditches the idea. Instead, the boy dressed as Samarai Jack and presented the origami and a cd of japanese punk and traditional music in a wooden bowl. We felt the presentation was part of it, and one niece really liked clunking around in the wooden platform shoes the boy had made along with the samarai outfit.


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