Fourth and fifth days of christmas

Evidently my true love gives bad puns. Four calling birds? Yeah, I drew 4 birds on various phone calls. Ugh.

We “took” the girls to Germany, thinking riiiiiiicolaaaaaa! German chocolate cookie mix in a jar, ornaments they colored, and german booze for the parents.

Day five was of course 5 golden rings… In fabulous New York City! We found a few purses at goodwills and stuffed them with goodwill plastic beaded necklaces and bracelets. I threw in some of my sparklier barrettes (which, as a curly girl, are just plain stupid of me to have anyway. Can you say snarl?), and a jar full of glass ans wood beads and hemp thread for the niece who isn’t so much into dressing up in gold, feather boas, or hot pink. We also put in a nice shirt for the daddy, to go with the fashion theme.


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