On the first day of christmas…

This year, we decided to show the nieces about the original 12 days of Christmas. We’d give them 12 days of silly or instructional things, teach them about other traditions, and spread out the gift extravaganza over more than one mountainous day. The results were mixed.

They didn’t so much sit through the explanatory story, nor sat down to make finger puppets with me. But maybe we tries this too late and the commercialized barbi laptop and playschool video cameras had already taken over. We pressed onwards anyay.

So on the first day of Christmas, a trip is begun. It’s a small world and all that.

The suitcase (awesomely found at goodwill on Christmas eve,) had materials for finger puppets, pictures of the places they’d “go” and pictures of the 12 days of Christmas they could color.

About Nim

LFM to look for meaning. Even geeks can change the world, right? Well, giddyup.
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