What’s got me crying today… from laughter

juz953jpegOh, man, what a day.  First of all, I’m not sure where this originated; I got it from http://i38.tinypic.com/juz953.jpeg and uploaded it to my site myself (I no take broadbanz!).  So many hilarious things.  The block in scrolling combat text, the knockdown.  The clicking of the shoe ability, painfully enlarged so we don’t miss its nuance.

Second, if you’re not reading The Sneeze, you should be.  Here’s a recent nugget of hilarity:

“The boys excitedly decorated the pre-tree (which took a minute and a half), then we dimmed the room lights in preparation of the ceremonial plugging-in. Upon ignition, my 5-year-old became possessed by the gods of dance. As he spazzed out, he demanded we join him, so I blasted what seemed like an appropriate holiday tune, All The Single Ladies by Beyonce, and we all danced around the tiny tree in the dark like crazy people.”

And third, my eyes only really watered (rather than actual crying), but I got my brows threaded.  Why is that funny?  Well, it’s not.  But it’s super cool and I wonder why I ever waxed at all.  What?  Not WoW or knitting related?  Shove off.  I get to deviate, mkay?  Anyway, go get something threaded.  It rules.  They use.. thread.  Like, sewing thread.  That’s. It.  Craziness. My eyes watered from the plucking-like pain, but otherwise it was fine.

Anyway, I had that done in celebration of my first-ever glasses.  I don’t legally need them, but while my insurance covers them, why would I not?  They will help with night driving, which honestly terrifies me.  I _hate_ driving at night.  Forget about while it rains to boot.  Hoping these “bitchy pink” glasses will help out.  No really, that’s what the optitian called them.  Let me recap the memorable moments from him as I tried on frames.  Mind you, the optometrist sat me down and said I’d be helped in a moment, in tones of “don’t move.”  The optitian then selected glasses for me and brought them over, heckling or complimenting as necessary.

First pair: Oh, that’s quite a noggin you’ve got there.

Yeah.  Thanks?

Second pair: Pink is NOT your friend. *snatches them off my face in disgust*

Subsequent pairs: I’m not giving up on pink yet…

Final pair: Oh!  Got it.  That was the bitchy pink.


3 thoughts on “What’s got me crying today… from laughter

  1. OMG you totally went and saw my optician didn’t you? Blast, I can’t remember his name off the top of my head but he was hilarious. Best frame-selection experience EVER. (I jump to this conclusion because Caleb referred me & Mr. Seri to him.)

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