Green and Eco Gingerbread Houses, 2008


brillHooray!  I was super psyched to see these last year.  I’m glad Bake for a Change is back with another competition this year.  Sadly, I have not yet applied these ideas to making WoW-themed villages yet.  Ah, well.  Oh!  OHOHOHHo!  Maybe for Halloween I’ll make a little Brill village.  A Brillage, if you will.

Anyway, check out the Flickr group or look at last year’s entries.  For further inspiration, have a look at the post with neat gingerbread Neatorama put together.  In addition, MAKE magazine has spotlighted a gingerbread dragon!  Blue dragonflight cookies, anyone?  (BTW, I saw Malygos last night.  I say “saw” rather than “fought” as we didn’t get too terribly far.  We did get to phase 2, which we counted as a win, but deeeeeeeeaaammmmn.  I can’t wait for the day we all scoff at the fight and “remember when” we were too puny and undergeared to keel heem.)



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