Goodbye socks, hello fake isle hat

Sweet.  I was pretty sure I’d not finish those socks in time, to I abandoned them only halfway up my hand.  I absolutely have to send the sucker out by Monday to get it there in time, soo…. hooray for having something to keep mah bro warm.

As a bonus, I finally got that skully pattern from Super Mitten mixed in.  Hoofrickinray!  I made the hat based on the pattern from Spunky Eclectic on my size 8’s rather than 6’s, so this came out a bit larger than it shoulda been.  To compensate (heh), I skipped a bunch of rows.  Namely, after the first pattern (the skulls), I did 2 rounds of black and then just 1 of the Noro.  Then as I decreased, it called for 3 non-decrease rounds between each decrease, for a total of 22 rows.  Uh, no.  I got through that in 14 rows. Oh, I also added little R’s between the skull heads.*  I’m not sure my 40 year old brother would get my skull obsession, so I wanted him to understand I’m just being silly, rather than marking his head as deadly poison.  Plus, who doesn’t love pirates?  Jolly Roger… skull and crossbones… pirates… ?  No?  Anyone?  Oh well.

It still feels like a pretty hefty hat, so I hope it’s sufficient to keep out the winds he finds on top of his boom-arm crane truck cherry picker thing.

*In full, here’s what I did.  I followed the pattern linked above for the S-M size, since my needles were bigger than called for.

Per the pattern, I knit 2 rounds color, 2 black, and then I only knit 1 round of the main color (the tan).  I knew my skull chart was 15 rows tall rather than the 13 from the pattern’s chart.  That’s why I skipped a row of the main color and went to the skull chart one row early.  I followed the skull chart from Super Mitten, but added in a letter R between the heads of the skulls.  I just modified the skull chart for that.  My R chart is below.

Once through chart 1, I knit only one row of the main color again.  Now I was caught up with the right number of rows, although due to my bigger needles my hat was probably taller than the original pattern’s might have been.  I followed the next few rows of the pattern and then got to chart 2.  Again, I kind of made up my own chart, skipping many rows of the pattern chart.  I’ve got that linked below, too.  At the end of the chart, I actually didn’t notice there was another row of decreases, so I actually sewed together my 16 leftover stitches.  I just found I had to cinch it all together a little tighter.    I didn’t block the hat for the pictures.  Frankly, I don’t know what that means, but I’m pretty sure I’ll do it wrong, so … le skip.



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