Not my proudest moment, but…

I admit it.  I’ve had the SNL short “Jizz in my Pants” stuck in my head for days now.  Last night in Naxx, every time we’d down a boss, I’d yell or /ra Jizzed… in my PANTS.  It got a little old, yes.  But the song, man!  The song!!  It’s brilliant.

However, it’s the video that slays me.

  1. Andy Sandburg’s faces.
  2. The DJ in the back of every shot, even in the grocery store.
  3. The ridiculous vampire cape.
  4. The overwrought techno video.
  5. JT’s appearance, effectively mocking his own videos.
  6. The gestures they make with their hands.

It’s just all so awesomely perfect.  Ok, and I’m a sick bastard.  Fine.  Fine!!


2 thoughts on “Not my proudest moment, but…

  1. Yeah. Not psyched about that. I left it embedded so at least there would be an image there, and in case they lift the restriction on it. Meantime, I put the URL above the video.

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