First Thursday adventure

Here are some images from last night.  I’ll flesh out a bit more detail about that amazing lightbulb mobile tree in a bit, once I find the artist’s card (and thus name).

Meantime, here’s the skinny:

We went there to enjoy the sights and see what kind of sale would happen at Hill Country Weavers.  Little miss Seri found the perfect yarn for my Wisteria, and it was even on sale and everything, but damned if they didn’t have enough.  And I mean to tell ya, I cleaned that bin out, they went to the other house where the secret stash was, they checked around the main store, everything.  They could maybe order more and hope for the same dye lot, but personally I’d rather buy everything at once and not worry.  Wisteria’s not even on my December calendar, so I can always go to First Thursday in January and hope for a similar sale (not gunna hap’n).  Oh well.

I also saw some really really cool art and jewelry with the outdoor vendors.  They braved the cold!  One woman was wearing a Flore hat (which HCW also had sold out of) she’d made, which made me talk with her —forced my hand, I tells ya— and found out she was the artist of this huge lightbulb mobile tree I’d been squealing over.  It made me seriously happy.  I’ve got an entry working on that alone, once I find her info.  >.<

And there was the obligatory, yet still fun, live music, TexMex food, and for this time of year, Santa pub crawl going on.  I cooled my hands with Amy’s ice cream and then warmed them back up with FreeB!rds, half of which I still have for lunch today.


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