Visual calendar: projects this month

I keep freaking out about my projects and whether I’m on track to finish them all up before I have to mail them off or leave town or whatever.  I have a scratched-sheet of nigh-illegible writing that I noted down one night on the treadmill.  Yes, hence illegibility.

Well, I kept referring back to the alien script daily, planning things out around it.  I thought it might be easier for me to, I dunno, plan important events out if I could see the frigging things.  Also, it’d be fun to think ahead to the neat things I want to make! I might even go as far as to make a daily log of my made-items.  Hm.  Some sort of web-log.  Gosh, if only there was some outlet for such things… I just don’t know…


picture-2Combine that idea with the daily training log over at and voila! My own daily visual tracking calendar was born.  I wish it could be a little more interactive, but for now it’s just a sad little Word document with images pasted onto the days.  Oh well.  It’s quick and it works for what I need.

picture-11I haven’t put in all the raid days yet, but I did start working on my it’s-a-small-world stuff.  I’ve got this huge hare-brained idea for my nieces, which I’m sure I’ll blog more about once I get done with the knitting portion of the month.  I can see that will last until about the 20th.  Handy!

I even put in little pictures of stamps on the two Mondays I need to ship packages out.  🙂  I figured that on days when I didn’t have a raid or a “due date” for an item, I’d use the day to catch up on unfinished items or emblem farming or whatever.  Oh look, I guess I’m flying out the 21st.  gtk.


3 thoughts on “Visual calendar: projects this month

  1. you should totally get that into an ical format of some kind and or integrate it into google calendar. the new google labs calendar/task combo within gmail is pretty sweet.

  2. LOL that calendar is the cutest nerdiest thing I’ve seen all week…

    But the sweaters are adorable. 🙂

    What program do you use to create so many fun graphics?? I want a cool vs nerd scales for my blog…. hee hee!

  3. Thanks, I’ll check out gmail. I want it to be easier than *ack* Word. For the calendar, I just dragged a bunch of clipped graphics onto a Word template of the calendar grid, then turned that into a flat image.

    And thank you, Ceci! For the scales, and most graphics I create myself, I used Fireworks.

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