Progress: mini sweaters and nerd offsets

Lol.  Nothing can “offset” me being me, so let’s consider that scale permanently tipped in the geek direction.  Long live uberdork!

So, tiny sweaters:  all but 3 are mostly done, with a super geeky twist coming up soon.  More on that this weekend, mehopes!

I got this idea from Berocco’s little pattern, featured all over the crafy blogosphere a while back.   There’s a 2007 and a 2008 version, both filled with about 10 little sweaters each.  I also used this pattern from Heartstrings Fiber Arts for one of the sweaters (lower right), and although I liked knitting this little raglan best, I didn’t like the puffy shoulders it had.

Let’s see.  Mainly for my own reference, I used Heartstrings raglan for the lime green (lower right), made up the pattern for the dark green and the purpleish variagated sweaters, used Berocco’s 2007 #8 pattern for the brown poncho, and more or less Berocco’s 2007 #4 for the white sweater (although with short sleeves).  The blue and lighter varigated sweaters were mostly from Berocco’s 2008 #10, although I haven’t put the neck on the pinkish one and won’t put one on the blue.

I think I’ll use one that has some cabling next, and I really wish one had a hood.  I don’t think I’ll tackle that on my own, though.  Heh, maybe next year.

These take almost 3 hours each, much to my shame and chagrin.  I have yet to make socks and a hat for my brother, a cowl for my mom (and socks for her, time permitting), and socks for another recipient.  I have this all budgeted out, time-wise.  I should be ok, and get the shippable stuff done by next Monday with plenty of time to ship.


2 thoughts on “Progress: mini sweaters and nerd offsets

    1. Ah, they’re ornaments! They’ll get little tiny wire hangers inside them and go right on the tree. These will be for the familia in the frozen tundra. I’ve got some details to add to sufficiently nerdify them up good and proper.

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