Nerd offset credits

A few years ago I embraced my inner dork and was pretty happy.  I played WoW out of the closet and was really well adjusted with my nerdiness.

I still am, but I got invited to start playing Dungeons & Dragons with a group of my WoW buddies.  I keep thinking to myself, “do I really need another nerdy hobby?”  I’ve got a pretty big nerd footprint. I have also been reluctant to join up because of the time commitment, but I wonder if the nerdalanche is more at issue. Throw in the idea that another guildie is putting together a raiding schedule for Wrath.  *sigh*

balance2I made up a mock schedule to see what my world would be like if I started raiding 3 nights a week (yes, lightweight to the real raiders, I know), tabletop gaming 1 night a week, and continued with the rest of my life, too.  It wasn’t pretty.  I am left with one weeknight and one weekend day to myself.

Look, I gots plans.  I want to do other things, too!  What about my blogging?  Knitting?  Pint night? Um, health?  I’ve got to buy some nerd offset credits.

My friends—and horoscope, oddly enough— told me to find balance.  That’s always true.  So I figured I’d start balancing out nerd with non-nerd things (ok, fine: sedentary with non-sedentary.  Happy?).

If I join this D&D group 1 night a week, I’ll join the volleyball team my friend’s putting together 1 night a week.  Wash.  If I raid 3 nights a week with WoW, I’ll take martial arts on the off days (3 nights?  2? I think that depends on the class schedule I find).  And for that weekly pint night with my guildies?  Well, that’s its own mix of nerd and non, but it definitely warrants its own offset trip to the gym, too.


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