Stupid cute miniature sweater

Some things are simply TOO cute. I think this might be one of those things. This tiny sweater serves no purpose other than to make my brain explode.

Oh, and I’m over my yarn store rage yesterday. At about 9:50 my roommates called with an emergency, so I ran and took care of that, checked joann’s for sock yarn (cause I was all pissed at LYSes of the world, then realized no one can piss me off but me. Well, and my mom, but she’s macro-me so it still counts.

Anyway, tantrum over, I went back to the store (20 mile drive, ahoy!) and found THE right yarn for mom’s cowl, the perfect sock monkey yarn, which will actually just be socks, and some Noro to try out. Can’t resist 30% off! 5 hours, two calls to mom, a nap, and 50 first dates later, I felt like knitting.

So here it is. First one off the assembly line.


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