Psych! Suckered by a yarn store

Wait in the rain, sucker!!

WTH opens on the half hour? Sheesh. I wants ta git mah yarnin on!

Exciting update: 9:45 and they’re still closed. I’ve seen 5 other women walk up, stand around, and leave. It’s fixing to be 6 (me).

Final edit: the owner of the store was really nice (I came back around 11) and apologized for having opened later than advertised.  I didn’t even make a scene!  I actually ended up saying nothing about it to her, although I mentioned to one of her employees that I was so excited about the sale I’d been there at 9 that morning.  Ok, I might’ve said “since” 9, which wasn’t totally true.  But I did say that I had done my homework about the sale and the yarns and was psyched to come see the store.  I totally swear I was nice, despite my snarky blog.  I mean, if you blog me, do I not snark?  I blog, therefore I snark.  Etc.


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