Levelling in Wrath of the Lich King: tips and highlights

I had 2 70’s.  That was it.  I hated levelling and would _only_ level if I was playing with a friend.  Wrath of the Lich King has changed my opinion of levelling, though.  I had so much fun levelling my Druid that I’m thinking of rolling a Death Knight just to get to Northrend sooner than I could with all my other lowbie alts (I think my highest alt was 26).

I got from 70 to 80 in under a week, but a few folks were there in a just a few days.  How?  Well, little sleep, from what I understand, but also this: they did the quests in Howling Fjord as well as Borean Tundra, and then went to Dragonblight.  I ground through both zones, as well, and realized those quests stay green (read, just about the same XP, but way easier since you’re a higher level) until you hit 80.  Yep, even at 79 you can do the quests in the “starter” zones.  Although, please note, I’d finished the quests right around Warsong Hold and had only ones from Taunka’Le village and Amber Glen (or whatever) in my quest log at that point.  I didn’t keep any true starter quests that whole time, but I assume…

flying-carpetSo that’s for power levelling.  For us normal folks, just play where you find it the most fun.  Most of the “group” quests are only 2 or 3 players, and even then I saw tons of hunters and mages soloing them.  My mage buddy could solo any elite that could be slowed, and that was almost all of them.  My hunter buddy:  lol.  Of course he could.  In addition, most elites have some quest item that reduces them down to pansies.  I actually found myself a bit disappointed when I could kill the end-of-a-chain mob with no problems.  However, there were times that another NPC helped in the fight.  That ruled.

As for the fun zones, do yourself a favor and play with the music on.  It’s absolutely stunning.  My favorite was Grizzly Hills, until I went to Storm Peaks.  Grizzly had fiddles and a very Scottish (maybe even Irish) feel to it.  I loved that.  But Storm Peaks… wow.  You know how Stormwind’s music is a little tragic and a lot majestic?  Yeah, Storm Peaks, minus the stateliness.  Storm Peaks was just.. wow.  Melancholic, grand, sweeping.. a little like music from the Lord of the Rings films.   The French horn really got me.

Grizzly and Storm Peaks are both really pretty; I liked them better than Dragonblight and Borean Tundra.  Howling Fjord and Storm Peaks both have a Viking flavor that I really enjoyed.

In fact, do yourself another favor and read the quest logs, including the mob names.  There are so many references to world myths:  Jormungar, Freya, Loken (Loki?)… It made me very happy.  To boot, there are now a few more factions whose lore can weave into the WoW world lore.  That’s always a fun thing.

cat-mountedThen there were the silly and cool things.  For instance, on a few quests you get dragon mounts (briefly).  For the one in Dragonblight, hang on to that sucker for a long time!  Don’t turn the quest in until you’re ready to leave the zone.  You can ride your ruby dragon around and cut way down on the running time.

There’s also a quest in Grizzly Hills where you get a dragon for just a simple task.  When you’re done, you can keep riding the dragon around town.  Both of these dragons let me ride them mounted on my land mount, and in my druid forms.  High-larious.  Try stuff out.  There are plenty of unplanned consequences that are pretty good.

valkyrie-flightAnother one is my swimming form in Storm Peaks.  No, not the retarded sea cow.  For a long quest chain, you are disguised as a Viking-Amazon chick.

Well, turns out they don’t have a flight form for druids.  Or cats. Or bears. So while my buddies were rolling out on their flying mounts with their riders disguised, I was swimming through the air as a humanoid.  My animal forms would make their claw animations in the air, but I was all woman!

Oh, and if you’re a druid, enjoy the delicious gathering of quest items from the air.  I was right up on a mob’s face in flight form, picking up relics or eggs, or whatever items we needed.  Expect that to be fixed, tout suite!

Do the daily cooking quests; they’re the only way to level up cooking and get the good recipes.  Oh, and the heavy frostweave bandage book drops randomly in the world.  Just keep killing.  I got mine in Grizzly Hills, and saw another one drop in Storm Peaks.

Oh, and Crystalsong? Wow, super pretty, but no quests that I’ve found yet.  I did find a daily cooking quest that sent me there for carrots, but that’s it.  However, in a pink bubble there, by the Great Tree, is a portal UP to Dalaran. If you don’t happen to have a mage buddy or guildie, or if you don’t want to pay the 20g some are charging, just go port yourself.



One thought on “Levelling in Wrath of the Lich King: tips and highlights

  1. A quest line in Icecrown sent me into Crystalsong to pick up a few things and kill a few (dozen) mobs. FYI. 🙂

    P.S. If you haven’t done Icecrown yet, you should. I went there to grind out 79-80 and it was really awesome. It uses a lot of the new phasing stuff so parts of the zone actually change as you progress and open up new quest hubs.

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