I made my goal of hitting it within a week of launch… sort of.  It was 17 minutes after the official launch time, but since that was probably only when I was getting the discs in my hands anyway, we’ll call it a wash.  1st druid in my guild, 6th over all (boo, last time I was 2nd. Why am I so competitive??).  I like the number 6.  I am happy with that.  Last time to 70 I didn’t have a job to worry about, either.  Oh, and I dinged with my best buddy, so that is kind of awesome.  That’s us, above.

We’d discussed celebrating our ding at midnight with Whataburger, but dag.  After the initial yayness, I’m super tired.  And strangely… hungry for lucky charms…


Now, sleep.


3 thoughts on “80

  1. Mr. Seri and I had a lovely conversation today about how leet you are at everything you do. JSA. Thought you should know what he says when you’re not around.

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