Lich King release festivities

img_0778Tents in the parking lots, lights, music, candy, free RedBulls, and a frozen throne from a block of ice.  People were coming over to us (just random people) and handing us posters and candy.  Some creepy dude in a troll mask kept trying to give me candy and finally stuffed some down inside my open-topped bag.  Slick, dude.  I heard there was a dance contest and face painting.  I think I even might have heard MC Chris playing on the speakers.

It was great!  ….if you were not standing in line the whole time.  I totally was, so oh well.

After 3.5 hours (we got there just before 8, got our receipts around 11:30) we got into another line forming for the hand-outs.  It was a lot like BlizzCon, with lines for everything!  😛  The people were super nice, though, and it was perfect timing for us.  After lining around the inside of the store around an hour (the credit card service was down for _all_ GameStops), we finally got our tickets just as the line started forming to go back into the store at 12:01.  So glad we didn’t have to wait in the line that almost immediately curved around the building.  Wow!

img_0780We only hung out in our line about half an hour before we got into the store.  It ruled.  We met all sorts of nice folks, posed for more murloc hat pics, and sat in our chairs under the heat lamp by the Cheesecake Factory.  Perfect!

I must confess, for the group of our guild that got into line about 15 minutes after us the line for hand-outs just exploded so painfully that I started gathering all their receipts.  Once I got inside the store, I just asked for 8 copies and boom.  The devs were right there and urged me to sign the copies.  I just wanted to get home and play, so I deferred except for one guildie’s collector’s edition.  They wouldn’t sign my poster.  😦

new-eyesHey, the devs also asked about my murloc hats!  That feels so good.  😀  While in the line, I added red and black eyes to Buc’s hat.  I like that best now.  They’re even a bit buggy-outtie now, which is great.

Well, got our games in hand and ran to our rockstar-like parking, hit the road and dropped folks off at their homes.  One quick stop at Whatburger later, and I’m patching even now.

Still patching….

Sigh.  I don’t delete patches, so why do I keep having to write these? Sadness.



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