Hoarding these quests

This is based on Treebark Jacket’s list, but I’m changing up these (since I don’t like doing BGs, don’t want to do too too too many drop quests nor quests in zones by themselves, quests i’ve never done before and don’t want to learn now, or quests that are lower xp and i only have room for 23 [that’s a mouthful]) to suit my needs.

picture-8Order of quest run:

  1. Terrokkar (already had the quest to pick up the thorn thingies; it’s a fly-only area, fyi)
  2. Skettis (also got cooking done there)
  3. Netherwing (done, and picked up quests for next zone)
  4. Nagrand
  5. BEM (hearth)
  6. Isle (hearth again, after waiting and taking some screenshots)
  7. Return to Netherwing and log.

Order of turn-in after installing Wrath (the plan!):
1) Netherwing Ledge

  • Picking up the pieces 15800
  • Dragons are the Least of our Problems 12650
  • Netherwing Crystals 12650  (I ended up doing this since I got all the drops “by accident”
  • Booterang 12650
  • Disrupting the Twilight Portal 12650 (nagrand)
  • Nethercite Pollen 12650

2) Fires over Skettis 12650

3) Shattrath

  • Cooking 12650  (Revenge is Tasty, so have decided to bomb skettis, too)
  • Multiphase Survey (Nagrand) 9500
  • Gaining the advantage (gathering) 12650

picture-94) Isle of Quel’Danas

  • Rediscovering your Roots 15800 (actually in Terrokkar)
  • Further Conversions 9500
  • Arm the Wards! 9500  (did this even thought it’s a drop.  not too bad a rate.)
  • The Battle Must Go On 9500
  • The Air Strikes Must Continue 9500
  • Know your Ley Lines 12650
  • Keeping the Enemy at Bay 12650
  • Crush the Dawnblade 12650
  • Disrupt the Greengill Coast 12650 another drop that I also ended up doing, since you get credit for your party freeing the murlocs.
  • Open for Business 12650

(scroll back to Shat)

5) Ogri’la

  • Banish More Demons 12650
  • Bomb Them Again 10100
  • Wrangle More Aether Rays! 12650

See you after the mahem @ GameStop!


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