Wrath of the Lich King preflight check

nakers1) Pre-ordered game.  Check.  I broke down and decided to go to the big event.  It’s unique.  It’s gonna be mobbed but at least my friends will be there.  It’s one of those experiences you’re “richer” for later.  The clerks were hassling us there tonight, but they said they were just sooooo tired of answering questions about Wrath.  Every call that day, some from Dallas and Houston, was about the game release.  They’re hosting a huge 4-hour event that night.  I shudder already.

2) Set up Nimmers.  UNcheck.  Stinking servers are still down. *huff*  This could be a major wrench.  Edit: some are coming up now. Servers are up now, finally!

I still need to:
a) gather and complete (but not turn in) as many quests as I can fit in my log.
b) ship all my pots and foods and other non-soulbound items to my banker.
c) establish an efficient path for turning in quests and park near the first.  I’m going to follow the excellent ideas set forth at Treebark Jacket.  Kudos!

Wait, why is there a picture of a naked blood elf in this post?

There’s not.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

No, there totally is. See?

Oh.  Oh, him.  He’s just chilling.  Just waiting for his new “green is the new purple” epics to drop when he eventually gets to Northrend.  It’s cool. He doesn’t mind waiting.  Moving on.

picture-63) Pack my car with folding chairs for the line, and pack up my Barnes and Nobel gift card.  I feel the need for much line-leaving and wanderings during tomorrow’s fiasco festival.  Also, murloc hat should be in attendance!

4) Time permitting, go to work.

5) Wash clothes, bedding.  Hey, I’m gonna be non-stop gaming as soon as work gets out.  I should hang some air fresheners in the room, just in case.

6) Buy groceries, namely grape tomatoes, grapes, and peas-in-pod.  Easy to wash en masse and eat without getting schmutz on my fingers or keys, and can sit by my computer for hours withour refrigeration.  SMRT.  Also, doesn’t contribute to WoW ass.

I’ve decided to continue re-grinding with my mage.  I don’t care about levelling him anyway, and he’s the one I want mounts for (and thus the albino drake).

And really, I don’t care about finishing levelling up my inscriptions on the mage, either.  I’ll stockpile up some herbs as I level up my herbalism on my druid, keep lots handy for the mage (who is also an alchemist) and just go from there. I might actually take my time and savor levelling up the mage.  *gasp!*



2 thoughts on “Wrath of the Lich King preflight check

  1. It was huge, but they moved it along pretty quickly. We had a line around the mall by 8pm, and stayed in that line until around 11:30 to “pre-ring” our stuff. Then we held on to those receipts for dear life and went and got into _another_ line to actually get the games into our hands at midnight. That went very quickly. I felt bad for the people still waiting in the pre-ring line at that point, though. They were still wrapped around the building.

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