He beat WoW

It’s official.  My friend, known as T* for reasons that will become clear in a mo’, has “beaten” World of Warcraft.  He now has a max-level character for every playable class in the game.  He did it the old fashioned way, with no referrals.  In fact, he almost quit when refer-a-friend came out.  Total *facepalm* moment.

I’ll let him tell his story as seen in his epic farewell to the guild:

I beat WoW

by Twaz on Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:03 am

Over three years ago I set a goal for myself. That goal was to have a max level character for every class in the game. It was a bumpy ride at times (when I learned that Burning Crusade would be forcing me to gain 10 more levels for all of my characters AND making me level a Paladin, it almost drove me mad), but definitely well worth it!

Tonight, at long last, I’ve finally achieved my goal. WoW has been beaten once and for all (don’t give me that WotLK bullshit, it’s not out yet, this counts). With Tynkas hitting 70 I finally have a max level character of every class.

I have made this post for a Purpose. Indeed, for Three Purposes!

First of all, to tell you that I am immensely fond of you all, and that three years is too short a time to play among such excellent and admirable people. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

Secondly, to brag about my leveling! I should say OUR leveling. This guild has grown from a very small handful of (10-20) friends when I joined it, to well over One Gross (144) of semi-active players that we have today.

Thirdly and finally, I wish to make an announcement. I regret to announce that (though, as I said, three years is far too short a time to play among you) this is the end. I am going. I am leaving now. GOOD-BYE!

…and *POOF*, like that, he was gone…



<Twaz>Mage (94 days, 13 hours /played)


After telling the laws of physics to shut up and sit down for many years, Twaz retired to his pre-death home of Brill to perform more mundane tasks. There he settled down with Tworn, his childhood sweetheart, and lived out the rest of his days as an accountant of no … account.

<Tehkur>Rogue (18 days, 23 hours /played)


Being found guilty of 76 counts of murder, Tehkur was sentenced to death by the High Court of Stormwind. The execution was never carried out as Tehkur vanished from his cell, seemingly never heard from again. However, a rash of murders did spring up shortly thereafter in the otherwise peaceful town of Goldshire. Since only “roleplayers” were found among the dead, no formal investigation was ever launched.

<Talbino>Druid (34 days, 23 hours /played)


After years of building up a reputation as a dependable tank, Talbino forsook his feral roots and dedicated his life to the balance of nature and moonfire spamming. He fast became one of the deadliest moonkin in all of Azeroth. Sadly, the brightest stars burn out fastest. Talbino was lost in the great Balance Druid Nerf of 2009.

<Triska>Shaman (29 days, 16 hours /played)


Triska continued bringing elemental destruction down upon those foolish enough to cross her until her brother, Talbino, was lost to a nerf. Her grief forced her into seclusion in the Stonetalon Mountains. There, she has been sought out for her wisdom by shaman initiates wishing to learn the virtues of frost shocking one’s enemies.

<Tworn>Priest (41 days, 17 hours /played)


Tworn continued returning the grievously wounded to unlife for many years. When asked by her lover, Twaz, to follow him to Brill she reluctantly agreed and left her unholy life behind. There in Brill she pursued other dreams and opened a tailoring business, her line of UBRS formalwear taking the fashion industry by storm.

<Tholy>Paladin (18 days, 43 minutes /played)


Protecting the poor, unfortunate (and evil) people of her race was a strain that Tholy could not bear for long. When her best friend, Midhir, asked her to come to Northrend with him she declined and traveled back to Silvermoon to turn in her Blood Knight Tabard instead. When Knight Lord Bloodvalor balked at her desertion, the tempestuous Tholy spat in his face. She then, wisely, bubble-hearthed to an undisclosed location. She was never heard from again.

<Toard>Warrior (11 days, 5 hours /played)


After years of (figuratively) toiling in the shadows of (figurative) giants, Toard finally grew into his own as a warrior of great reknown. Shortly after the return of Arthas, Talbino returned to his home capital of Thunder Bluff where he served through the Lich King Wars as a personal bodyguard for Caire Bloodhoof. He continued to serve well after his horns grew brittle. He died a respected elder of Bloodhoof Village.

<Tawk>Hunter (11days, 22 hours /played)


With her killing of Tusker, the giant elephant of Nagrand, Tawk decided that there was simply no game left to hunt which would provide her an adequate challenge. She retired to the Echo Islands with Dog (her pet) in tow. While she remained somewhat reclusive, she would always look forward to visits from friend and fellow hunter Seltzer and his trusty dog, Moxie.

<Tynkas>Warlock (8 days, 15 hours /played)


Consorting with demons can challenge the stability of one’s mind. Drunk in his lust for power, Tynkas formed pacts with fiends stranger and deadlier than the mind can comprehend. After gaining his final level of power, he was finally driven off the brink of madness. Tynkas was last seen challenging Durn the Hungerer to a duel. Ever after, Durn would never mention how he got all of his horrible scars.


Much ❤ guys!


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