Why I didn’t blog about the election

quiet-signAnd why I sort of am now…

First, I enjoy this blog as an outlet.  A fun outlet.  I talk about silly things like WoW and my knitting projects, sometimes at the same time.  I used to talk about green projects, but have moved away from that somewhat.  I felt a bit preachy.  I am thinking I’ll start up another blog just for that, in fact.

Second, the election was soooooo long in the making it became a media joke.  Where was the coverage of all the other stuff?  How many times can you say “terrorist”, “racism”, or “maverick”? Too much.  It was a bit sickening, frankly.  Isn’t every election this big?  Isn’t every election a defining moment?  I would have thought that 4 years ago, while trying to defeat an incumbent, that THAT would have been a bigger election.  The elections of 2000 and 2004 kind of burned me a bit on politics.

So here we are now.  It clicked yesterday at some point that people were saying it was the biggest election of our lives because of race.  It hadn’t occured to me, actually.  Both campaigns and most of the pundits had downplayed, or at least hadn’t UP-played, the race card in so many months, I was finally able to do what we should do with race: forget about it entirely.  Does race matter? No.  Does it affect the issues?  No.  Was this historic because of race anyway?  Yes.  Sadly, yes.  I hope for someday when we can finally stop having first thises and thats.  I hope it can finally just be people we’re electing or honoring, rather than the first woman this or first black man that.

So I kept quiet.  I voted last week, then I sat back, got my Hallowed title, and watched the numbers roll in. I was happily shocked to see the ticker when they called the election for Obama.  This morning feels like waking up to a new world of possibilities.  Will the world see us differently because we finally overcame this barrier?  Will the people who opposed Obama go super-stalker crazy?  I was so worried watching his speech last night.  and was very glad to see the bullet-proof glass around him.  I might hold my breath every time I see him speak for the next 4 years, and that sucks.  I want people to just see a man who’s got some pretty great ideas and crazy awesome potential to lead us in a very positive direction.  Very.

Watching McCain’s speech, I was horrified to hear his supporters booing Obama.  Stay classy, Arizona.  That embarrassed me.  But McCain seemed almost as annoyed.  I liked his speech for the most part; if he’d been able to be himself like that through the whole campaign it would have been different.  Hell, if he’d been able to run as an Independent, and omg maybe even with Colin Powell, we would be embracing a true 3-party mufkin system this morning!

Sorry, McCain. It was too bad you had to lean so far outside of your norm to gather up the religious right wing.  It’s too bad you had to take Palin on, when one can assume that was not your choice.  Man, McCain’s own supporters were booing her during his speech.  Ouch.  I saw her eyes tear up a bit at that, and no wonder.  Still, she is a complete tool and puppet and although I feel bad for how she was used and treated, it’s pretty clear she was the albatross on that ticket.

Ultimately, such a change as we got is what we need, what we’ve been holding our breath for.  And finally after an election, I am not considering moving out of the country.  New Zealand was looking pretty awesome, and I’d even gone as far as getting papers to fill out for a work visa and everything.  Seriously.

protestingwomanToday, it’s full steam ahead in this country for me.  I have the freedom to play WoW as much (or as little, lately) as I want, knit up a storm, hold a great job, bike to work, drive to work, or just loaf around.  Or I can think about the future and what part I have the freedom to play in it.  I can be a one-girl revolution.  Or I can be a couch potato.  But I get to choose, and that makes all the difference.

Images from http://samuelscrib.blogspot.com/2008_01_01_archive.html and http://www.freewebs.com/friendsofequines/mykindofpeople.htm, neither of which I vouch for being SFW.  They’re likely NSFW, in fact.


One thought on “Why I didn’t blog about the election

  1. It was a historic day! I woke up wednesday morning & my first thought was “it wasn’t a dream!” – seriously.
    I too am sad that a woman & a black man running for president was such an issue & so news worthy- but it never will be again. Two groups who had to fight for their right to vote in this country! We’ve come a long way & the rest of the world is thrilled about it. Wednesday the BBC congratulated us on finally “getting our country back” & that is totally what happened. We got our country back. i’ve never heard so many people talk about how patriotic they feel!
    Im so happy I got to live in this time & see this moment come to be a reality.

    great post – great blog!

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