Midnight Launch Events

Oh, HELL no.  Wouldn’t you know that’s the shop all my guildies are getting their copies from?  They said for BC is was a mad house.  For LK, with a special event (and only one of four in the country at that) it’s going to be plain stupid.

I’m getting reports that we can swing by HEBs for WoW.  Is that true?  One guildie says that’s where he got his for BC.  Maybe I’ll check Target, too.  What other 24-hour jobbies can I think of that AREN’T Wal-Mart?  Hmm.  I’d rather just play once, say, Amazon delivers the game on 11/13 than stand in line until 1am or much later, go home and install the game, and THEN play.

Frankly?  I haven’t played Beta in forever anyway.  Aside from the neat DK content, I wasn’t really that bowled over.  Ok, in fairness I played during a very crashy version, so maybe that turned me off a lot.  That and getting ganked while I was writing bugs.  >.<  Some of us took our beta testing responsibilities seriously.


4 thoughts on “Midnight Launch Events

  1. I’m up in the air. I don’t want to waste my precious vacation days during crazy servers crashes. On the other hand, being the second in our guild to 70 was sweet and I’d like to race to 80 once again. Can’t… stop… competing!!!

  2. I started playing post-BC, so I haven’t been with Blizzard for a major launch… but judging from their major patches, and from EQ launches, it’s gonna be unplayable for the first 48 hrs or so anyway. That’s why I’m not stressing about where I’ll get it or how fast. =P

    FWIW though, I stalked HEB for a Wii last Christmas. The ones that have a separate, caged area for games/DVDs/CDs close down the department at 10pm and unlock the cage at 9 am. So even if they have it at midnight, it will probably not be accessible until the next day, UNLESS they also have a midnight party. I know they do that for some of the FPS PC games, but I don’t like those so I’ve never been.

  3. Goooood tip. I’ve swung back to biting the bullet and enjoying the midnight craziness with my friends who are locked into GameStop. But then again… Know what? I’ll just flip a coin.

    Coin says “go to GameStop”, but upon seeing that, I realize what I REALLY want is to get playing as fast as possible. I’m going to call around and find a midnight release spot that’s NOT GS @ Arboretum.

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