So… how ’bout them zombies?

Love ’em or leave ’em?

First, note that there are Argent Dawn (or Crusade or whoever they are) healers around.  Go find them to heal you if you want to unzombify yourself.  Spamming purge and cleanse works, too, although I don’t know if you can hit yourself.  At any rate, those healers are gonna become fewer and farther between.  Fast.  Already the infection’s changed:  the incubation rate is twice as fast, and now simply melee attacks (some number of hits) will turn you into a zombie, too.  (Interesting Freudian:  I typoed that as zombie tool.)

Now, while you’re a zombie, you can talk to the other faction, if they’re zombies!  It’s like you’re on a third team:  not Horde, not Alliance, but your own brain-loving group.  You can still get candy from the dishes in the inns and use mailboxes.  So yay, there.  But forget about flying or trick-or-treating.  That is, if innkeepers and flight masters are even still alive.  Ker-sigh.

I don’t mind as much having the NPCs infected and killed, or myself by killing infected critters or opening mysterious boxes.  What I mind is getting turned into a zombie on purpose and then laughed at.  Really?  You blow.  It’s like teabagging or /spitting or same-faction node-stealing.  You’re laughing because you interrupted my game play.  Now it’s personal.

But that’s just me, and on the heels of a very trying day (with at least 3 more just like it to follow.  I can’t wait to see how snarky I may get!  Joy and rapture and love and kisses and chocolate!   Growl).

Now, if you embrace the zombie scourge, here are a few tips:  first, you’ll lose health over time naturally.  Retch! and stand in the cloud. It HoTs you and your fellow zombies, stacks with other zombie retches, and slows and infects non-zombies.  While you melee a non-zombie (use Mangle! to up your attack power, too), their incubation timer drops off as you hit them. One hit takes some number of seconds off until they become a zombie.  I’m sure that number will change as the invastion grows.

Once they’re turned, you can party up or not, and use your Lurch! to give every zombie a speed buff.  If you’ve turned NPCs into zombies, you can get them to follow you by clicking … um, I forget the name (Bellow?), but it’s the middle button above.  They have to be out of combat to listen to you, though, and even still they’ll run off and melee, say, deer and furbolg.  Oh, and your zombie minions don’t like bridges much, nor boats.  We —our Horde+Alliance zombie crowd— couldn’t get ours to follow us too far.

Finally, when you start to get low on health, channel the last button to explode yourself and infect everyone.  They can go to a healer or purge themselves if they want (as above), but maybe they’ll embrace the scourge and shamble on, themselves.  It’s actually pretty fun!  Just don’t be a douche about it.


2 thoughts on “So… how ’bout them zombies?

  1. I turned into a zombie while trying to get a flight out of Shatt. 😦

    I tried to suicide by jumping off the wall into Lower City. Alas… It was a short wall and I lived. *cry*

    Then somebody told me I could explode!

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