The ding has lost its zing

Ok, I wasn’t going to say anything, but….

I’m getting more and more fed up with the nerfs WoW is getting.  Purples are handed out at the door.  Quest chain rewards are getting reduced to trainable skills.  Rare-drop sub-achievements are removed from achievements or handed out in inns (no, really).  Levelling up is now a day-affair.

Now, I’m not a high-end raider.  I’m not even a mid-level raider. I was in BT and Hyjal before 3.0, but only just.  We, my guild of casuals, were proud of this.  We were happy that some of us had T6 shoulders or Pillars of Ferocity.  We ran Karas with all bears or all pallies or all girl players (disregarding gear checks ahoy!), we ran UBRS in “formal” attire only and took pictures prom-style.  We had fun with the game.  And every once in a while, sure, we lost folks who wanted to raid more.  But hey, every once in a while our pathetic efforts were rewarded with purples that made us feel shiny.  Our heavy PvPers even set up arena teams for us all and helped us get our first welfare epics: arena gear.

And then we got badge gear welfare epics.  We all pretty much stopped running heroics and just farmed Kara for our 22 badges.  We got through ZA and got a team of folks their bears, and then that stopped, too.  There’s no point to ZA anymore.  There’s no point to run any dungeons anymore, either: reputation doesn’t matter.  Gear doesn’t matter.  Quests don’t matter.  Why, when you can just get your epic flight form from a trainer at level 71?  Why, when you can get loot and money from daily quests, titles from achievements that steadily lower the achievement bar, and level 60 in a day (um, how do I play this class again)?

I’m all for more people playing.  In fact, I was thinking of starting up another blog just to tip n00bs off to the little nuances of playing.  Did you know you can target your next person to attack/heal before your current spell is casting?  Did you know your trinkets don’t share cooldowns with your spells?  Do you know what a cooldown is?  I like helping new people learn.  I like the accomplishment they feel and that gives me great satisfaction.

But now?  The ding has lost its zing.  I was all excited about achivements.  About being Nim the Hallowed (and screaming “HALLOWED BE THY NIM!”).  But now they’ve nerfed that achievement.  At first it was just the mask sub-achievement removed.  That was ok.  It was annoying, 100% random, and on a strict timer.  Now they’ve made the Squashling pet a drop you can get from those same buckets that weren’t dropping the masks fast enough. (I got one on my non-Nim toon the first trick-or-treat today.  And the second.  Same character.  Finally I saw one on the Nim, though… and saw 4 more drop as I continued to punt HH around a bit.  Serious buff to that drop rate.)

This opens a floodgate for me, especially when I heard that epic birdie would be trainable at 71 for druids.  I hadn’t really put my thoughts together on welfare epics, power levelling via refer-a-friend, and boss nerfs until now.

Now I’m just bummed out.  I shall cheer myself by knitting candy corn.

Ok, that worked.  Oh, did I mention I lost my phone today?  It was found and being returned to me tomorrow, but still.  No iPhone pics and no alarm and no texting and no phone calls make Nimmers something something.  But I refused, from the cat puke greeting me in the morning to the retardedly bad allergies today and even on to something I’ve clearly blocked out it was so bad, REFUSED to let the day be bad.  It was, but I still refused it.  So suck it, day!  You’re done!  I said good day!


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