Achievements updated

First, I applied for Beerknurd status.  Yup, only 197 beers to go before my plate’s on the wall at the Flying Saucer.

Second, I updloaded pics of my knitted and beaded wrist cuff.  First time putting something non-silly out there.  Weird.

Third, I got all my trick-or-treating done to complete Tricks and Treats of Azeroth.  I’m also one stupid troll away from Check Your Head.  Word to the wise: if they’ve already got a pumpkin head, yours won’t count but it’ll use up your weighted pumpkin thing.  Sigh.  I also got Rotten Hallow done.  I’m surprised how easy to kill the Southshore guards are! Rogues, however, still keep me stunlocked up until I die.  That’s so annoying.  I’d like a chance to at least participate in my death.

I’ve heard they’re removing The Masquerade and A Mask For All Occasions from the achivement to get the title*.  Doesn’t matter: I’m 2 costumes away I just got my last costume and am MANY masks away, but the real bottleneck for me is Sinister Calling.  Bah.  At least I’ve seen the mount drop.  It’s pretty freaking cool, too.  Oh, and I still have to get into a BG (or something) and finish up G.N.E.R.D. Rage.  No worries there.

*I confirmed that they’ve removed the masks (blue post), but I believe the costumes are still required.


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