Me, my bear, and Hallowed

First of all, my Blizzcon bear mount.  I’m not really a gnome; that’s my costume.  See how I’m in Undercity and not getting attacked?  That’s how ya knows.

Second, I’m totally going for the Hallowed achievement.  I’ve been trick-or-treating every hour and as soon as I finish sewing my IRL halloween costume, I’m gonna go to every innkeeper in each contintent.  Or at least start that process.

Done [pasted from WoW Insider]:

That Sparkling Smile: Tooth Picks are random drops while trick-or-treating but not, I believe, terribly uncommon. This is unlikely to be tough.

To do (today?) [also pasted from WI]:

  • The Savior of Hallow’s End: These were easy and fun quests to do last year, so unless Blizzard’s changed them significantly, they should be quick. More importantly, doing one will also reward you with a Weighted Jack O’ Lantern, and you’ll need at least 10 of these to do the Check Your Head Achievement listed below because the Jack O’ Lanterns are single-use items.
  • Tricks and Treats of Azeroth: This isn’t hard, but it will require a certain amount of time invested running all over the place to visit candy buckets. Doable as long as you’ve got an hour or two to yourself, or if you can knock off a few buckets per day.
  • Check Your Head: This one won’t be tough as long as you’ve done the Savior of Hallow’s End quests enough to get 10 Weighted Jack O’ Lanterns, or gotten them as drops off the Headless Horseman.

I wonder, also, if my Hallowed Helm from last year will work for this [le paste]:
Sinister Calling: This is where you need one hell of a lot of luck, unless Blizzard changes the abysmal drop rate on the Sinister Squashling. Wowhead lists it as a 2% drop, which I can well believe after killing the Horseman dozens of times and never seeing it last year. You’ll also need a Hallowed Helm for the Achievement, although the drop rate on that is considerably better at 9%.


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