Hallow’s achievements today

Well, I didn’t get the tricky treats everywhere, but I got all the Kalimdor ones done.  I also did the Bring Me the Head of…Oh Wait and Out With It, which I didn’t expect to do, and am also along my way on
Check Your Head, The Masquerade, and A Mask For All Occasions.

I just have to get some GNERDS (which go away after a day) and hit the BG to get G.N.E.R.D. Rage, and can probably finish up Check Your Head at that point, too.  Might as well, with so many allies around.  Stupid PVP portions.  Sigh.  Of course, I plan to do the HH fight every chance I get, to hopefully see the little pet drop.  My guildie got the horseman’s mount tonight!  Pretty neat looking!


One thought on “Hallow’s achievements today

  1. We all passed and Morah got the pumpkin pet, too 🙂

    Go Mu! Reins ftw!

    Shuniya got the pew pew pumpkin surprise sword!


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