Maker Faire 2008, Austin

Fun times!

First, major props for this jewelry for geeks:  super mario cufflinks, metroid cufflinks, etc. by Jon Marler (whose blog is, I strongly suspect, tongue-in-cheek).

But even walking through the parking lot, the day started off with seeing this guy, which I think should be called the big mouth badass car:

Annnnnd, then he had a buddy (or 50).  Everyone stood in complete silence around this fish-lobster car as it, I kid you not, sang Handel’s hallelujah chorus.  The lobster on the boom arm conducted them.

My talented buddy has a better pic of this car, and the whole day.  He also made lasered tortillas for a tortilla toss at the Chronicle booth.

Awesome psanky for geeks (and also traditional motifs, which were outstanding).

Gnim gnaws gnomes:  (and btw, that’s a car)

Why, yes!  I DO like pie!!

Oh, busted.

Heyyyyyyy.  Sweet.  More mankinis, please.  Thank you, Model Citizen!


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