The bear is dead

I just heard that they’re not using a glyph to make druids into polar bears. While this is good for not wasting a glyph on vanity, it makes me sad because it’s THE reason I ran through inscription and also we will now have to wait for that bear. Sad. Ness.

I went to Blizzcon for one reason and one reason only: to roll up on my polar bear mount, shift into a polar bear, and commence fucking-up of the target.

Me [riding by]: What?  What did you say about my mom, spider?
Polar bear mount: It’s cool, Nim.  I’ve got this.
Me: No, for real, I’m gonna kill that spider and take his silk.  You don’t even KNOW.
PBM: Take a pill.  I’m on it.
Me: *poof*
PBM [now mountless and unharnessed]: Rawr!
Spider: Aw, fuc—- *dead*


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