Inscription! Some lessons learned, too.

After the patch (hello, 5 hour download!  at least I got to watch the Sox game >.< ) I scrurried over to level up inscription.  Hooray!  I even got to send out a mongoose enchant!  Nevermind that my little belf will now be a vortex of herbs: alchemy and inscription.  Yikes. Anyway, I followed Banana Shoulders guide to levelling insc and so had almost enough herbs.  I ran short on Goldthorn at one point, but that was it.

Oh, here’s a pro tip: once you have a scribe past level 300, have them leave some ink around for the next guys.  290-300 has a blind spot where everything is yellow unless you can make etherial ink — but you can’t make that ink until 300.  I tossed some in the bank for the other scribes and it make their run to 300 much cheaper.

One other thing I learned: the Minor Inscription Research isn’t a buff.  Yeah, you prolly already knew that.  Well I didn’t.  I got all concerned that I wasn’t going to discover new things if I logged off my scribe.  Yeah, well, I wouldn’t have. It’s a one-time use thing (every 20 hours).  Think of it like a “surprise me” button.  You click it, you consume a few low-level items, and out pops a random result AND a possible discovery.  Once.  Every 20 hours.


Well, if you don’t care about sprinting up to 375, my advice would be to do _that_ every 20 hours until you won’t level off it anymore.  Srsly.  There’s no rush: no one can discover things any faster than every 20 hours, and there are so few things to train, it means that many sprinting scribes create stacks and stacks of… Death Knight glyphs?  Ugh.

Oh well.  Oh, one other thing: the weapon vellum II says it will only absorb an enchant “below” level 35, but that’s what I put mongoose on.  I think the tooltip is wrong.  I filed a bug, but who knows how long that will take to get seen or resolved.  The world servers are still crashing off and on.


2 thoughts on “Inscription! Some lessons learned, too.

  1. Well, I had about 5 hours download too. But there are new areas and stuff so it seems OK for me. (Time to do some RL things). Inscription does not sound too effective to me. But, hey, it’s new…

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