Must.. herbalize… 3.0 coming!

No time!

Must sum up: moment of Blizzcon we all talked about for days afterwards was the undead female dance that won.  My favorite part about that? She was in character the WHOLE time, from her applause for the person in front of her in line, to talking to Jay Mohr, to moving off the stage.  Sure, she adlibbed a lot of the moves (I’m sure she had a basic idea of what she would add to the dance before she got there, but as far as I know, she probably didn’t know what music they would play for her), but what she added fit really well with the whole undead thing.  She took a super boring in-game dance and made it ROCK.

Oh, and she didn’t even need her one prop of face paint to sell the dance.  No costume, no gimmick.  Just good performance and ability.

More details on Blizzcon later… once I get a few more stacks of herbs for inscription!


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