Blizzcon overview

Tl;dr version:

Gratifying to get thumbs ups for the murloc hats from people who worked so hard on some amazing costumes

Thou shalt not give shout outs while at the mic for QA.

Thou shalt not make Decker Cain impressions.

Thou shalt not reveal any weakness to this audience.

Thou definitely shalt not recruit for thy guild during /silly competition.

Detailed version: The day started out beautifully. The Murloc hats were distributed (with the last one finished as we prepared to walk to the con), the weather fine, and we had major laughs at our ghetto hotel. I’d show you pictures, but their wifi strangely does not work.

After passing the harpy on the fountain (who excitrdly squealed “murlocs!” when we passed) we skipped all the lines lines lines, since we found un-lined-up-for doors while looking for our friends. Ok, in we go!

They reallllllly like dramatic lighting over at blizz!! It was super dark in the place! Oh, and did I mention the lines?one /silly contestant pegged it: blizzcon 08: where the only thing without a line is the bathroom.

And oh yes, no waiting at the ladies’ room. Awwwww yeah. Bout frickin time.

We wandered around, sat through the lamest opening ceremonies ever, watched some diablo 3 stuff (we played it, too), and sat in on the WoW sound discussion. That was actually really cool. Live music of the taverns, mostly Alliance so it was a moment of way-back for me, and topped by a live performance of the lament of the highborn!!! That ruled.

More lines for dinner. šŸ™‚

Day two, I manage to sleep in and started a baby Murloc hat. Or specifically, a Murloc hat for a baby. I liked its eyes best so far.

I got to the con around noon for the dungeons and raids panel where they slipped that 3.0 will come out Tuesday! Well, what he said is that if you want the legendary weapon from naxx, you should do that tomorrow. šŸ˜‰

After that I played some diablo 3 again and watched the Warcraft 3 championships. Those announcers during gameplay were great! I headed upstairs for the repeat of the class discussions panel. Waaaay too small of a room. When will blizzard learn to deal with the demand I their product? These people are fan boys! Ravenous! So stock up and get bigger rooms.

Speaking of which, most stuff is sold out, from most if not all vendors. Sigh.

Well anyway, I had a fun moment, once we’d secured seats for the closing ceremonies, while I could walk around and people watch. First off, the plush murlocs are being worn on people’s heads! I wonder if that’s based at all on seeing my hats? Exciting!

Now, after waiting with these seats for a while, Patton Oswalt is on, so time to save and try to post this with the non-existant wifi here. Where!


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