To blizzcon!!

Am I done with murlocs? Hells no. But I’ve got a decent chunk of plane ride to get through, plus time waiting in the airport.

It’s just a little airborne! It’s still good! It’s still good!

Yeah, I’m in denial. I want to change most of the teeth I put on and am taking Jeff’s Murloc as a backup cause I know piggy ain’t coming back, Homer. Oh, and 3 need hands and feet for which, bee tee dub, I have no yarn. Those eyes are looking pretty empty, too. So let’s see: spikes for 2, eyes to add and re-do, teeth to re-do, and one more hat to make start to finish. Yeah, no prob.

At least I’m packed. 1 bag for me, 1 bag for murlocs.


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