Let the good times roll

Tonight: VP debate drinking game.
Friday: Slumber party/girls’ night (complete with toenail painting and puff-painting shirts)
Saturday: Oktoberfest
Sunday: Oktoberfest
Monday: Liver transplant
Tuesday-Thursday: Recovery, stitches removed
Friday: Blizzcon

Time and sobriety permitting: finish Murloc the IX and create Murloc X (since I woefully miscounted my retinue), regrow liver, felt murloc body parts (may or may not be SFW), attend and schedule various dr. appts, come down from sugar high, re-arrange dr. appts order of operation, sober up, send niece’s birthday gifts, ackowledge friend’s birthday (Hi, Britt!), accept the reality of my own birthday.¬† Oh, and attend and excel at work, where I recently received full praise for my awesomeness outside the ever-merging realms of knitting and WoW.


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