“Socktoberfest” + knitted bat = ?

What in the world could “socktoberfest” and a pattern for a knitted bat have to do with each other (aside from knitting in general)?  Sort of the same thing that’s going on right now in-game, one of my favorite —if not favorite outright— in-game events all year long.

I’ll give you a big, full-bodied hint:

It’s so awesome.  I can’t wait to get my hot-bodied belf into a little festive outfit.  He looks so cute in his Winterfest duds.  But wait!  Brewfest isn’t what socktoberfest and the bat have in common at all.  It’s merely a hint.  And since not everyone in the world is lucky enough to live in the great state of Austin, here’s actually what they have in common:

Soon I’ll be chugging from this very mug out in some tent in a hot parking lot.  If I get my act together, I’ll even have procured a liederhausen outfit for the fun of it.  At any rate, Oktoberfest falls after I will have finished my murloc hats and can then devote myself to any delicious project I wish, or none.  Socks, for instance.  Bats, for another example.  Oktoberfest in Austin, for sure.


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