Swimming the sea of Murloc

Sadly, the only thing sea-like about the murloc wave is the color of the background for their picture.  From left to right we have needs-different-teeth, needs-spikes-teeth-and-hands, needs-everything, and up top, not-even-close.  And where should I be tonight, if the schedule is to be kept?  Yeah, that’s right, sitting with those 3 murlocs finished, 2 shiny other ones with their spikes, and that work-in-progress guy finished.

Hey, here’s an idea: when you make up a schedule to do things, how about maybe getting an idea of how long each task will take, and then make the schedule out from there, rather than setting an end date and dividing up days from here to there and forcing the tasks to fit into that timeline?  K, great.

All sarcasm and self-flagellating aside, I really have to ease up on myself a bit.  I got a whole different hat knitted in between there somewhere, and also moved for about 4 days longer than I’d expected.  There was a lot more moving than anyone expected.  But it’s done now, so yay.  Now back to work.

Oh, and Justin liked his non-murloc hat, at least.


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