Max DPS, my feathered butt

Guh.  So I’ve been all bummed about my DPS numbers.  I know, I know.  Druids have auras that make us more utilities than just our dps numbers blah blah.  But I’m competitive!  I want bigger numbers than you!  Every other day I get all resigned to not be the best at WoW.  “It’s cool,” I tell myself.  “I’m way better at real-life sports than they are,” which of course, isn’t true or false yet.  It’s totally untested.  Makes me feel better for a second and then I feel all guilty for judging my guildies so superficially.  Sigh.  So then I get resigned again.

But on the days I’m not resigned, I look at while making slavish love to the WoW Webstats.

My shameful shameful numbers on Sunday night in SSC (overall, then just one boss fight):

And then I read and changed up my spell rotation a bit.  Supposedly, with my gear and talents I should be getting 816 DPS.

Tuesday in Black Temple, changing up my spell rotation (overall, then against one boss):

Oh.  Huh, ok, maybe I am getting that DPS then.  BUT!  I also switched to a big dps flask once my mana flask ran out.  Ha!  Take that!

Wait, do I suck or not?  I’m gonna stick with “suck” and keep making slavinsh love to the charts and mentally abusing myself, alternating with supposed uncare.  That feels more natural to me.

At least the blue posts seem to indicate that moonkin DPS is getting some attention.  I specced it first when Beta rolled out, then got all wrapped up in my plate-wearin’ DK.  (That was weird.)

What do we want balance to be able to do? What’s your role?

You’re a caster. Surprise, I know. But we think we didn’t always give you the tools to be a good caster before. You need:

— Competitive dps. Mages and warlocks just tend to get a lot of attention, maybe because there are more of them, or more races of them, or they are more archetypal classes (in the familiarity sense).
— Good AE utility. Encounters and dungeons tend to get designed with the assumption that the ranged dps can do AE. Hurricane is phenomenal now. I healed a run today and did really competitive dps with Hurricane on the ranged pulls. And I wasn’t even Balance! I love Starfall. It’s a rare spell because it feels new — it isn’t single target and it isn’t classical Hurricane-style AE either.
— CC. If a group has a choice between a druid and a mage and only the mage can CC, the decision gets a lot easier. With Entangling Roots used inside, problem solved.
— Group utility. I think deep balance provides that now. Even Insect Swarm and Faerie Fire have a better role now. Without the vicious cycle of Curse of Shadows buffing warlocks which lead to inviting more warlocks somewhat solved, I think it will be easier for Balance druids to get into raids regardless. We’ve just opened space for more classes now.
— The ability to keep causing damage. I think the oomkin thing was largely addressed in BC, but it’s still something we need to keep an eye on, or at least try and banish the stigma that other players still think it has.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to play Beta before Blizzcon: must knit murlocs!!  More on that later.


One thought on “Max DPS, my feathered butt

  1. Note to self: spec more carefully and include 2 balance of power to be hit capped at 152 (i have 155); for gemming sandbox. swap the mana regen for +6 stats for chest. Get a +dmg enchant on weapon and the epic spellthread for pants.
    Suggestions: “IS, MF, SF until dots need refreshing. Wrath as the thing gets close to dead so you can sneak in a hit or two in the time it would tak you to cast SF.
    When your crit gets up around 25% go back to wrath spam.
    I’m trying to remember if that should be 25% with or without moonkin aura.. I think without.
    Also, start doing MgT until you get Timbal’s Focusing Crystal and swap out your Lightning Capacitor for it.
    You also might consider the Starfire damage idol.. I think it’s from the first boss in SH”

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