Crazy fuzzy cutey monsters

Wow, check these bad boys out!

Found on… um. Craft pool?  I’ll assume it’s the same person (spidercamp) who made tons of similar ones.  You should check out her photo pool.

Blue guy with the carrot found on


3 thoughts on “Crazy fuzzy cutey monsters

  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the link over to dabbled 🙂 I like your site – love the mix of geek & craft!

    Ya know, WoW is pretty old news now… checked out Warhammer Online yet? My Witch Elf does some hard core DPS…


  2. Heh, yeah a lot of my WoW friends are trying out WAR now. It’s great timing as I have a ton of crafting yet to do this year and I know we’ll all pick WoW back up with Wrath comes out. The beta’s been pretty interesting, although I’ve also heard good things about WAR. However, I wasn’t able to play that on my Mac, although that might have just been WAR’s beta. In any case, I’m ok without either for now. 🙂

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