Murlocs cometh

Be afraid. This weekend I’m devoting to 1) finishing Jeff’s murloc FINALLY, then 2) starting on more murloc hats (I found a whole ‘nother base hat while I was packing for the move), and finally 3) writing out a pattern per many requests (yay!).  Oh and drinking.  Heavily.  Nat Pagle heavily.

I am going to put a murloc on the head of each of my pals going to Blizzcon. I am actually going to make that a priority over my costumes, which, bee tee dub, my (male, hairy) pal has vowed to wear if I make him an identical costume to mine. That in itself is inspiring to make the outfits and keep hitting the gym.

Anyway, I figured I can’t really start sewing before we move (the 16th) but I could easily knit between now and then. I’ve found all my yarn and I’m freaking ready. Bring it.

Oh, this picture of a sewn murloc outfit (found on Wonderland) is totally unrelated but further steels me to murloc it up. It’s being sold on eBay last I checked.


2 thoughts on “Murlocs cometh

  1. Could you direct me to a pattern for a knitted murloc hat? Have you written out the pattern for the ones you are miaking? Ifso, would you be willing to share? My son (24) is dying for me, a knitter of 30+ years, to make one for him, but I’m not sure exactly what it is that I’m supposed to be making.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. You’ll never believe it, but I was just writing a list of post-gift project I wanted to complete, and writing out the Murloc hat pattern is on there! In fact, it’s so close to being finished that I might do that first. I’ll post it here and on Ravelry, I have no doubt!

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