Well, screw that.

All my fantastic hopes of 1) whittling my body down to NElf size, 2) making a kickass costume, and 3) gracing Blizzcon with said whittled chassis (ha… ha…) are now dashed.

Sylvanas got a makeover.

So now we’re back to super boring gear on her, plus frigging blonde.  No offense to blondes, but I just couldn’t pull that off and I’m not willing to wig it.

Well, I face the choice once more: do I just make the costume I want to make and go as “whatever”?  Do I do something amusing like make “patchwork greens” armor for kicks?  Seems kinda lame.

Hm.  I guess I’ve got time — plenty of time to guarantee this chassis ain’t gonna be street-worthy, anyway.

There’s always the murloc hat…


One thought on “Well, screw that.

  1. personally I love the makeover! I’m happy that Evita’s racial leader isn’t a stinky Night Elf anymore. I think it is welllll overdue.

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